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Finnish Pine Sauna, Aroma Steam Bath, Infrared Sauna, Quiet Room with Panorama Views.
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Our Massage Services at Hotel Fahrnberger


 Classical Massage

  • Foot reflex zone massage
    Each reflex zone in the foot is reflexively connected to a corresponding area of the body: stimulating these zones through massage has the effect of activating and harmonising the body’s own life energy and healing powers.
  • Manual lymph drainage
    In a manual lymph drainage, the flow of lymph is stimulated and excess liquid is drained from the tissue. This also allows more waste products and metabolic toxins to be excreted. In addition, it increases the production of lymphocytes, thus strengthening the immune system.
  • The Breuss massage
    This is a special vertebral massage according to the methods of the Austrian naturopath Rudolph Breuss. As a sensitive energetic-manual treatment, it can induce the regeneration of spinal discs and nerves that are undersupplied with blood. In this massage, the spine is gently stretched, thus helping the vertebrae to regain greater freedom of movement. I use high-quality organic St. John’s wort oil, which penetrates all the way to the vertebrae, producing a nourishing and regenerative effect there.
  • Trigger point massage
    This massage focuses on painful “trigger points” (hardened areas in the muscles, or myogelosis), which can often “trigger” pains in other parts of the body. By applying pressure to the trigger points, the hardened areas gradually normalise partially or completely. Headaches can very often be traced to such trigger points in the shoulder area.
  • Aloe vera honey massage
    The honey massage is part of the heritage of traditional Tibetan and Russian natural medicine.
    Through this special massage technique, waste products, salt deposits and metabolic toxins, even in the deepest layers of tissue, are dissolved and removed.
    In combination with the active ingredients of high-quality aloe vera products, which are massaged into certain reflex zones in the skin, this produces a lasting, deep-acting effect along the energy pathways of the body.
  • Craniosacral balancing
    This treatment focuses on the fluctuation system of the cerebral and spinal fluid found in the innermost core of our body. Enveloped by the membrane system of the dura mater, which extends from the skull (cranium) to the sacral bone (sacrum), this fluid gently and rhythmically rocks the membranes and bones surrounding it.
    This rhythm can be felt throughout the entire body. The discoverer of the craniosacral rhythm,
    Dr. William Garner Sutherland, regarded it as an expression of the “Breath of Life” – the Divine Force itself.
    When the“Breath of Life”  is hindered from flowing freely, this can cause many disorders and patterns of disease. Such blockages can be identified and dissolved through delicately sensing the craniosacral rhythm and supporting the inner healing powers.


  • 25 minutes  € 39.00
  • 50 minutes  € 75.00
  • 75 minutes  € 95.00
  • Aloe vera honey massage: 50 minutes  € 75.00